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What items do you buy?
We buy CDs DVDs and Video Games. Want to sell books? We have a seperate site at for them.

How does shipping work and is it FREE?
Shipping is always available for free! Once you complete your order you will be able to print a pre-paid shipping label.

What condition should my discs be in?
All discs should be in good playable condition. All discs shouold have original cases and artwork, and be free from defects and scratches.



What is a UPC?


A UPC can usually be found on the back of your item and will be 12 digits long. You should enter in all 12 numbers starting with the smaller number on the far left and ending at the smaller number on the far right.



What people are saying...

We have partnered with is taking a break from buying CDs, DVDs, and Video Games. In the mean time we think that gives the best prices and service when you sell DVDs, CDs and Video Games.

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